Terms and Conditions

Autosaint Insurance (Autosaint) is part of the Fresh Insurance Services Group Ltd (Fresh Insurance).

Autosaint Insurance Policies

Autosaint Policyholders must agree to the following conditions:

  • Within THREE working days of the policy being purchased:
  1. If the policy has been purchased online, you must speak with us to validate details and provide contact details for a parent or guardian (see 2).
  2. Their parent or guardian must be spoken with so that we can discuss their role in exercising parental controls i.e. allowing them access to the online dashboard so they may review the results and provide coaching and support to help the Policyholder become a safer road user.

    Within FOURTEEN days of the policy start date:
  3. To have a telematics device or ‘Black Box’ (Autosaint Box) fitted to the insured vehicle. Failure to arrange an appointment by day 7 will result in a 7 day cancellation notice being issued. If the box has not been installed during this period the policy will be cancelled on day 15. (Where the prospective Policyholder holds only a provisional licence and is to be insured by Markerstudy Insurance, Equity Red Star (ERS), the premium quoted online does not include, nor require, the fitting of an Autosaint Box. Markerstudy policy holders must contact us once they have passed their driving test and obtained a full UK driving licence. An Autosaint Box MUST be fitted (cost as noted below) and an additional premium will be due in addition to the fee noted below. Alternative options are available and can be discussed at the time of the quotation. The ERS policy is for provisional driving licence holders only and will cancel once the driving test has been passed and a full UK licence obtained. Policyholders must contact us immediately following a successful test as the policy only remains valid for a further 3 hours and there will be no insurance cover in force after this).

    Ongoing throughout the policy term (for policies where an Autosaint Box is fitted):
  4. The policy must cover sufficient mileage for the use of the vehicle throughout the policy term.  If the vehicle is likely to exceed the agreed annual mileage we will contact the Policyholder.  Additional miles must be purchased if the vehicle will continue to be used otherwise the policy will be cancelled subject to a 7 day cancellation notice.  You can purchase additional miles by calling us on 0344 557 8401. See below for costs and details.
  5. To receive notifications from Autosaint informing the Policyholder of their driving ability and score. Your driving score is calculated based on vehicles speed, acceleration and braking, where the vehicle is being driven and driving the vehicle at night. 
  6. To receive warnings relating to the speed at which they drive - should any more than one warning be issued within a 12 month period the policy may be cancelled subject to a 7 day cancellation notice.
  7. Where data from the Autosaint Box indicates the car has travelled at 25mph or more above the road speed limit, the policy may be cancelled subject to a 7 day cancellation notice.
  8. If your driving is excessively poor, or deemed dangerous, we reserve the right to cancel your policy subject to a 7 day cancellation notice.
  9. Tampering with, or removal of the Autosaint Box during the policy term will result in cancellation subject to a 7 day cancellation notice.
  10. The Policyholder must make any additional drivers aware of the terms listed above. Their driving style will be recorded by the Autosaint Box and could result in additional premiums being payable or the policy being cancelled.


  1. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The Financial Conduct Authority is the independent watchdog that regulates financial services. Use the information within this document to decide if our services are right for you.
  2. Whose products do we offer? We offer products from a panel of insurers for motor insurance and from single insurers for other optional add-on contracts including, windscreen replacement, vehicle breakdown, excess protection and key replacement cover. Details of all insurers used can be provided on request. Our Bronze Accident Management Service is provided with all motor policies and can be upgraded to our Platinum Accident Management Service. Accident Management Services are offered from a single provider and are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority nor covered by the Financial Ombudsman Service, nor the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.
  3. Which services will we provide you with? You will not receive advice or a recommendation from us. We may ask some questions to narrow down the selection of products that we will provide details on. You will then need to make your own choice about how to proceed.
  4. Who authorises and regulates us? Fresh Insurance Services Group Ltd of Ladybird Suite, Burnt Meadow Road, North Moons Moat, Redditch, B98 9PA is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Our registration number is 306202. This may be verified on Financial Services Register by visiting the FCA’s website, register.fca.org.uk or by contacting the FCA on 0800 111 6768.
  5. What to do if you have a complaint? If you wish to make a complaint, please contact us via email: autosaintcs@fresh.co.uk OR telephone 0344 557 8401 or write to Complaints Department, Fresh Insurance Services Group Ltd, Ladybird Suite, Burnt Meadow Road, North Moons Moat, Redditch, B98 9PA . If you cannot settle your complaint with us, you may be entitled to refer it, free of charge, to the Financial Ombudsman Service (website: financial-ombudsman.org.uk). Full details of our complaint handling procedures are available upon request.
  6. Are we covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS)?  We are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. You may be entitled to compensation from the scheme if we cannot meet our obligations. This depends on the type of business and the circumstances of the claim. For compulsory classes of insurance cover, insurance advising and arranging is covered for 100% of the claim, without any upper limit. For other classes of insurance advising and arranging is covered for 90% of the claim, without any upper limit. Further information about the compensation scheme is available from the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

Fees & Charges

Our professional charges are as follows – all of these are separate and in addition to any change in the insurance premium, insurer charges or finance change:
Arranging a new policy or a renewal Up to £30 plus up to 20% of the insurers premium.
Mid-Term Alteration to your policy (includes change of address, change of cover, purchase of additional mileage etc) Up to £60 (Fee based on complexity of change). See also Instalment Payments below.
Temporary Additional Driver £15
Cancellation charges See “Cancellation of policy prior to fitting” and Cancellation of Policy section
Dishonoured payment admin charge £10 (charged if we administer the defaulted payment)
Debt collection admin fee £45 (charged where we have to pass your account to a debt collection agency)
Credit card transaction 2.5% of transaction value (No charge for debit cards)
Provision of hard copy documents £10 to cover administrative costs, printing and postage

Additional Mileage

Aviva, Covea, Highway/LV and Ageas Each additional 1000 miles will be charged at 2.5% of the original premium. For example on a premium of £1500 an additional 1000 miles would result in an additional insurer cost of £37.50. Our Mid-Term Alteration fee of up to £30 will also apply. Please note that the maximum mileage available on an Ageas policy is 10,000 miles in total. Once this limit has been reached, the policy will be cancelled.
Markerstudy ONLY mileage costs The cost of additional mileage will be dependent on your current speeding score, inception premium, number miles purchased at inception and the number of additional miles required. For example if you purchased a policy for £1500 including 5000 miles and your current speeding score is 95, the additional premium for a further 2500 miles will be £255.00. Similarly, if your speeding score is 70 the additional premium will be £361.25 and if your speeding score is 60, the premium would increase to £403.75. Our Mid-Term Alteration fee of up to £30 will also apply.
Markerstudy ONLY mileage usage Your mileage usage will be reviewed after the first 90 days and used to calculate a projection of your total annual mileage. If the projected mileage exceeds the number of miles purchased at inception we will contact you to discuss purchasing additional miles. If we are unable to speak with you we will write informing you of the cost of the additional miles. These will be added to your premium and become payable under your agreed payment method. If the extra miles are not used any additional premium charged will be refunded during your 10th month of cover.

Fees and Charges relating to the Autosaint Box

Cost of installing Autosaint Box and initiating the data feed. Ownership of the Autosaint Box remains with our service partner. Charge non-refundable once Autosaint Box is fitted. £183.50 for new policies. £168.50 where a change of vehicle requires new box OR box is fitted after passing driving test.
Customer request to remove Autosaint Box (ONLY possible if the insurance policy is no longer in force) £78
Failure to attend or cancellation of installation appointment £60
Autosaint Box data charge (only payable at renewal) £60.00 non refundable

Cancellation of Policy

If you wish to cancel your policy please telephone our Customer Services Department on 0344 557 8401 or email autosaintcs@fresh.co.uk in the first instance. They will advise you of the process required for your insurer or can help you look for alternative cover if appropriate.  Cancelling your instalment plan DOES NOT cancel your policy, and the payments made to date are unlikely to cover costs in the event of cancellation. Any remaining balance can be cleared in one payment or you must continue with the instalments until it is cleared. We will withhold proof of any No Claims Bonus until the balance is paid. Cancellation fees and costs apply whether the policy is cancelled by you or us, regardless of reason. If there has been ANY claim, the full premium will be payable with no refund due. Refunds of less than £10 will be retained by us due to the administrative cost of returning these. We may communicate any cancellations by email, so please ensure that email address you provide us with is correct and kept up to date.  Optional add-ons are also cancelled if the main motor policy is cancelled.

Within the first 14 days or before the policy starts

You have the right to cancel within 14 days of when you purchase your new policy, or from when you receive your policy documents, whichever is later, and within 14 days of renewal date for renewed policies. The insurers will pay a pro-rata refund of premium, subject to a minimum charge, and we will refund any policy set-up charges. We will deduct a cancellation fee of up to £60 from the total refund to cover our costs. Fees noted above relating to the Autosaint Box will also apply.

Day 15 onwards

There will be a charge for the time you have been covered by your insurance. Full details of this can be found in your policy booklet. We will then refund any amount we owe to you after deduction of our fees.
Markerstudy ONLY - premium refunds will be calculated on the lower of the remaining period of insurance or the number of unused miles, whichever is less.  For example if you have 9 months remaining on your policy but have used 50% of your mileage allowance, your premium refund will be based upon you using half your mileage allowance.

We will charge our cancellation fee of up to £60 and reclaim our commission at 10% of the premium returned from the insurer (charge waived if you replace the policy through us). Premiums for optional add-on products such as breakdown, our Platinum Accident Management Service and key replacement are non-refundable after the 14 day cooling-off period.

Young and inexperienced drivers

If you are aged under 25, or have held a full UK/EU Driving Licence for less than 12 months then additional excesses will apply. You will be informed of these before you take purchase the policy.
Markerstudy Policies ONLY – You may receive a discount where you have recently passed your driving test but have owned your car for 60 days or more and had insured this whilst holding a provisional licence. We may have to remove this discount if we subsequently establish that you do not meet the insurer’s criteria.

Instalment payments

We act as a credit broker and you can spread your premium with an initial deposit and ten further monthly instalment payments. In the event of a claim, instalments MUST continue to be paid until the FULL premium and charges have been settled. Credit is subject to status and credit searches and if your application is declined the premium will become payable in full. You may contact us to cancel your credit agreement without penalty within the first 14 days, but the insurance premium will become immediately payable in full.  We will receive a commission from Premium Credit for referring you to them – details are available upon request. If we cannot add the costs of any Mid-Term Alterations to your instalment plan these must be paid at the time of the change. Finance is provided by Premium Credit Limited and is the cheapest available to you. Please ask for details.

Who do we act for?

We act as your agent for sourcing and placing insurance business and in the event of you notifying a claim to us. We will act as the insurer’s agent for the purposes of cancelling the policy, collecting or refunding premiums or as otherwise informed.

Referrals from other brokers

We may make a payment to any referring broker if you take a policy out with us. This will not affect your premium.  Details are available upon request.

No Claims Bonus Protection (where available)

No claims bonus is applied as a percentage discount to your insurance premium. In protecting your no claims bonus you are protecting this percentage discount, not the overall price of the policy. Should you make a claim against your policy whilst no claims protection is in force, your renewal price may still increase.

Protecting your money

We hold your premium (payment or refund) in a trust account as agents of the insurer. It is considered as being held by the insurer whilst in this account – this is known as ‘risk transfer’. While it is in the account, your money cannot be used for any purpose other than paying the insurers or any brokers through whom we may have arranged your insurance, or in the case or premium refunds, returning the money to you. Any interest earned on the account is retained by us.

Accuracy of information

You must provide us with honest and accurate information to the questions we ask and inform us of any changes to the information previously supplied. If you withhold information or answer questions dishonestly you may have your cover reduced, be charged a higher premium, have your policy cancelled or voided and any claims may not be paid.

Automatic renewal & continuing payments

We will inform you if we are able to offer automatic renewal and we may renew your policy automatically each year unless you request otherwise.  You will still receive a renewal invitation from us and this will normally be issued 21 days prior to your renewal date. If you were paying by monthly instalments, the finance company will issue a new agreement and will continue to collect direct debits from your account. If you paid in full we will collect the renewal premium from the same card. To ensure your payment processes correctly we will debit cards on the day before renewal unless you advise us otherwise. By accepting these terms and conditions you (or the cardholder if this is not you) also agree that we may retain the card details and use these to take any additional premiums, cost or charges relating to the policy until you state otherwise. This will apply even if the card does not belong to you. You will always be informed before we try to take any funds from the card so you must make sure the cardholder is informed if they are a third party.

Policies not subject to automatic renewal

Insurers do not provide a period of grace in which to pay the renewal premium. It should therefore be paid before the renewal date so that the appropriate documents may be sent to you by that date. We will not accept payment of the renewal premium after the renewal date.

Use of your personal data

Fraud prevention, detection and & claim history

Your details will be held on our system to assist with the administration of your policy and will also be passed to your insurers. We and they may share it with other insurers and fraud prevention agencies including the police. We and other organisations may also search these agencies and databases to help make decisions about the provision and administration of insurance, credit and related services for you and members of your household; trace debtors or beneficiaries; recover debt; prevent fraud; manage your accounts or insurance policies and check your identity in order to offer you the most competitive premium.

Use of driving licence data 
If you and/or any named driver provide us with your Driving Licence Number(s) (DLN), you/they consent to us accessing information about the licence status, entitlements and restrictions and any endorsements/convictions from the DVLA both now and at renewal. This information will ONLY be used by us or passed to authorised third parties for the administration of your insurance policy. For information about driving licence data please visit gov.uk/view-driving-licence.

Privacy Policy

By accepting these Terms and Conditions you also accept our Privacy Policy which is available online at autosaint.co.uk, or upon request. We may pass your details to specially selected third parties if we feel their products or services may be of interest to you.

What data is captured by Autosaint?

The Autosaint Box will record information about the driving of the vehicle from the date it is installed. We, our appointed agents and/or service partners will process this information securely. An electronic data feed will translate the GPRS co-ordinates from the Autosaint Box into a specific location which will provide detail regarding various information including road type, road surface and speed limit of the road you are driving on at any specific time. This information will be used to build up a profile of how, where and when your vehicle is driven. To administer your insurance policy, we may transfer your information to our agent or subcontractor who provides a service to us in another country outside the European Economic Area. We will ensure that they agree to treat your information with the same level of protection as us.
Should your policy be cancelled, or you choose not to renew your policy, we will cease collection of data within 14 days of the date the policy ends.  However the Autosaint Box will remain active and collect data for our service provider if you signed a separate agreement with them at the time of installation. You must contact them if you wish the Autosaint Box to be deactivated.

How will Autosaint and the insurer use the Autosaint data?

Autosaint and the insurer will use the Autosaint Box data for the ensuring that your style of driving, mileage and times driven are in keeping with the premium that has been paid. This data will also be used when calculating your renewal premium.
Your information, including the Autosaint Box data, may also be used for the following purposes:
  • If you make a claim under your policy, to help provide further clarification as to the circumstances of the claim;
  • To provide you with the theft tracking service, or any other additional service requiring use of the Autosaint Box that we may offer you and you may agree to take up during the period of insurance; and
  • To help us to understand driving behaviours.  This may be used to inform other carefully selected third parties.

The information collected by the Autosaint Box and some of the information provided by you at the point of application will also be used by Autosaint for research purposes both during the period of insurance and after the policy has ceased. Any personal information such as your name and address, will be removed before Autosaint use the information and this will prevent data being directly linked to you.  Details of how Autosaint uses this data are detailed below.  Unless you tell us otherwise, once your policy with us has ceased, Autosaint may continue to use the information for the purposes below:
  • Road and vehicle usage including regarding road safety issues, real time traffic flow and volumes, journey times, distances and speeds, and analysis of junctions and the risk they represent;
  • Assessing the environmental impact of road and vehicle usage, including analysis of idle time spent at junctions;
  • Driving behaviour analysis and profiling including determining what constitutes safe and dangerous driving and the typical behaviours of average age ranges;
  • Analysis of the causes of, and forces involved in, crashes and other road incidents;
  • Establishing and analysing trends amongst the UK population regarding each of the purposes set out above; and
  • Researching and refining techniques for analysing motor vehicle telematics data.

We will disclose information collected by the Autosaint Box outside of Autoaint in the following circumstances:
  • Where you have provided your specific agreement;
  • To insurers, agents and subcontractors for operational reasons; and
  • If we are required by law to disclose the information, such as to our regulators or if we are issued with a court order.

Governing law

The laws of England and Wales govern this agreement and any dispute is subject to the jurisdiction of the English courts.

Revised: AS/Dec16v33