Fitment of the Telematics Device:

Theo device and installation instructions will be sent to your home address. You will be sent a link to download the Autosaint Go Smartphone App and a link to supply us with a photo of the installed device.

Within 7 days of the purchase of your policy, you will be required to:

  • Fit the device to your vehicle
  • Download the Autosaint Go Smartphone App, and
  • Upload a photo taken from outside the front of your insured vehicle, clearly showing both the vehicle registration number and the fitted device.

If the device is not installed, the app is not downloaded and a photograph is not provided within this period, a 7 days’ notice of cancellation will be issued. If the device is not installed, by the time this notice period expires the policy will be cancelled on day 15.

Your overall score

We’re here to keep you safe and while you’re on cover with us we’ll monitor your driving scores providing you a driver rating out of 100

Your overall score will incorporate speed, braking and night-time usage. If your overall score drops, we may get in contact with you to offer support with how you can improve.

Watch your speed

Our policies are here to reward you for safe driving and speed limits are there to protect all drivers on the road including yourself- it is important you stick to the speed limit. As such we have a few terms in place.

If your vehicle has travelled at 25mph or more above the road speed limit, you will be sent a final warning letter, the second such event will result in your policy being cancelled subject to 7 days notification.

If your vehicle travels 15mph above the speed limit for the road it is on, five times or more in a block of 100 miles, you will be sent a warning letter. We will only allow three warning letters for such an event. Any subsequent event will result in your policy being cancelled subject to 7 days notification.


We will monitor your miles throughout the year, so it’s really important that your selected mileage is as accurate as possible.

If you go over your declared miles, additional miles must be purchased if the vehicle continues to be used. Otherwise, the policy will be cancelled subject to a 7-day cancellation notice.

Review your driving

Use our free Autosaint Go mobile app to see how you’re doing. You’ll find a summary of your driving information, including your mileage usage and your driving score.

Monitoring your current driving performance focusing on speed, braking and usage. You should use this as a tool to improve the safety of your driving. Proving to be a safe driver during your policy, could reduce the cost of your renewal.


1. Select the location on the inside of your windscreen and ensure it is clean.

2. Pull out the plastic tag to activate the box and remove the plastic film from the sticky pads on either side.

3. Press against the screen for 20 seconds.

Theo device for Autosaint

1. No engineer install required, easy self-fit

2. Solar powered – self charging

3. Works on 100% of cars

4. Built with the environment in mind; can be moved between vehicles, and we reuse and recycle the device to reduce our impact

5. Encourages better, safer driving

Autosaint - cheaper car insurance with the Autosaint App
Autosaint - cheaper car insurance with the Autosaint App