How Autosaint Works

We fit a small device out of sight under your dashboard which uses advanced telematics technology to measure driving behaviours. These include how many miles you drive, the times you drive, and how well you drive. Because you have this black box fitted, we offer you an upfront discount on your insurance premium.

You can monitor your driving score using your online dashboard, which will give you a score out of 100. Your score is made up from a combination of your speeding, acceleration, braking, and night driving scores (although there is no curfew, and your policy will not be affected by night driving). This dashboard acts as a guide to help you improve your driving and increase safety on the roads.

If you prove yourself to be a safe driver over the course of your 12 month policy, you could continue to save yourself money at the point of renewal. Read a case study of one of our customers who renewed his policy for a fourth time in 2015 to find out just how much it is possible to save.

Our telematics boxes also offer a commendable level of security; if your car gets stolen, we can help locate your vehicle**