How Autosaint Works

  • The cost of the box installation is included in the price you see.
  • The box must be fitted within 14 days of you taking out the policy.
  • This policy does NOT have any curfew and is not affected by night time driving.

Autosaint policies are designed for safe drivers. We’re here to help you stay safe and while you’re on cover with us we’ll monitor your driving behaviour and will actively contact you to offer support and guidance aimed at reducing the likelihood of you being involved in an accident.

We will need to arrange an appointment to get your Autosaint box fitted. Please respond to calls from Quartix (who fit the boxes) so we can ensure the box is fitted within 14 days, otherwise your policy will be cancelled. We fit a small device out of sight under your dashboard which uses advanced telematics technology to measure driving behaviours. These include how many miles you drive, the times you drive, and how well you drive. Because you have this black box fitted, we offer you an upfront discount on your insurance premium.

Autosaint Dashboard. – You will get access to your Autosaint dashboard. This will rate your current driving score focusing on speed, braking and acceleration. You should use this as a tool to improve the safety of your driving. Your driving scores are split into three categories

  • Accelerating - you should gradually increase speed and not put your foot to the floor
  • Braking - you should judge your distance from cars in front of you, brake smoothly and not abruptly. Remember the 2 second rule, 4 seconds if driving in the wet. If your braking score drops below 30, you will be sent a warning letter. You will be given 28 days to improve your score above 30. If you do not do this, or you do but your score drops below 30 again during the policy period, your policy may be cancelled.
  • Speeding – It is essential that you do not exceed the speed limit for the road you are using.
    Although a road may be subject to the national speed limit, it may be dangerous to drive at that speed. Use your judgement to find a safe speed.
    Keeping within the speed limit is a key term of your policy.
    If you go more than 25 mph over speed limit, the policy will cancel.
    If you go 15 mph over speed limit on 3 occasions, the policy will cancel.
    And if you have a high numbers of smaller speeding events, the policy may still cancel

To show you are driving safely, you should maintain a speeding score of a minimum of 50 and a braking score of over 30. If your scores are below this, or we notice other potentially dangerous driving behaviours, we will contact you to discuss way to improve your road safety. If following this, your driving style does not improve, this may result in cancellation of your policy.

If you prove yourself to be a safe driver over the course of your 12 month policy, you could continue to save yourself money at the point of renewal.

Other tips on staying safe.

Distractions – car stereo, mobile phones, talking to passengers. Young or new drivers are FOUR TIMES more likely to have a serious crash when carrying passengers than when alone, so keep lifts to a minimum.

Junctions – Ensure you have plenty of space to pull out. If in doubt, stay put