How the Autosaint Box Works


Get connected

Once you’ve bought a policy, our installation partner TrakM8 will contact you by email for the next steps of installation for your Autosaint box.

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Your overall score

We’re here to keep you safe and while you’re on cover with us we’ll monitor your driving scores providing you a driver rating out of 100

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Watch your speed

Our policies are here to reward you for safe driving and speed limits are there to protect all drivers on the road including yourself- it is important you stick to the speed limit. As such we have a few terms in place.

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We will monitor your miles throughout the year, so it’s really important that your selected mileage is as accurate as possible.

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Review your driving

Use our free Autosaint mobile app to see how you’re doing. You’ll find a summary of your driving information, including your mileage usage and your driving score.

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