Frequently Asked Questions

Telematic Box FAQs

The box can take up to 48 hours to be calibrated, then your score will go up or down depending on your driving behaviour – the score will always start at 50.
Boxes are fitted by TrakM8 who are partnered with Autosaint but we do not deal with appointments. Call TrakM8 on 0203 9084 925 regarding installations.
Check your emails to see if an appointment has been offered, it may be worth checking your junk or spam folders too. If you cannot find this email, please call TrakM8 on 0203 9084 925.
If you haven’t received your Autosaint box, please call TrakM8 on 0203 9084 925.
No, there’s no curfew, however, persistent driving between 11pm and 5am may adversely affect your driving score.
Yes, you are responsible for the manner in which your car is driven, even if it isn’t you driving.
Once received you fit the device yourself. You can use the following link to identify where the OBD socket is in your car:

Autosaint Docs App FAQs

If you have an iPhone please refer to the Apple Store or if you have an Android Playstore/Googleplay
Alternatively you can search for InzuraGo and install.
Log into the app with your Date of Birth and mobile number then Your Policy will appear. Click Document Required such as Driving Licence, line up your driving licence and take photo which will automatically load to your documents.
Usage of the app is by invitation only. If you have been invited then please check that you have entered your details correctly. If everything seems correct then please call customer services as on the number listed below:
Customer service: +44 330 174 1639
You will be required to upload all documents using the mobile app within 14 days of your policy starting.
Click on My Licence Check which leads to the DVLA Website, complete details as requested and once the Check Code is displayed click “PDF Print or save a driving summary”, this will automatically save to your app.
You will receive a text to let you know when your documents have been accepted. If issues are encountered with your submissions – such as the image quality – you will be contacted to let you know the next steps.
The documents required are specific to your policy and the information you have provided. When you log into the app the documents that are needed will be shown to you on the front page.
Some of the information held by the DVLA is incorrect and you need to contact the DVLA direct on 0300 790 6802 to update and obtain a check code.
Please call customer services on the number listed below:
Customer service: +44 330 174 1639

Policy FAQs

Call 01527 758 169 now to talk to one of our UK based claims handlers. They will walk you through every step of the claims process and ensure it is a stress-free outcome that you deserve.
You can request a copy of your NCB by phoning 01527 758 169 or sending an email to – you can also submit a request via our online portal
Email your name and policy number to and we will send you your new login details.
If you have miscalculated your mileage, it may cost you more to increase. You can call 01527 599 062 to arrange increasing the mileage limit on your policy.