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Gadget Insurance for existing Autosaint customers!

It seems that there is nobody now left in the World that we live in that doesn’t have a gadget of some kind. In fact, many of us are how wholly dependent on our gadgets for productivity, socialising, navigating and general leisure.

With some gadgets now costing upwards of £1000, our Gadget Cover has been designed for those who wish to insure their gadgets against theft, accidental damage and breakdown if your gadget is a mobile phone, tablet or smartwatch, you are also covered for accidental loss too.

If your gadget suffers electrical breakdown which occurs outside of the manufacturers guarantee period, we will repair it. If your gadget cannot be economically repaired, it will be replaced. This cover is not available on laptops unfortunately.

Something we all dread is knocking coffee or another liquid over our favourite gadget and so, if your gadget is damaged as a result of accidentally coming into contact with any liquid, we will repair it. If it cannot be repaired we will replace it. No more having to blame the dog!

Gadget Cover Insurance