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Published by Fresh on January 9, 2018
If you own a used car, you could be entitled to huge compensation.

If you, like so many of us, have taken to the used car dealerships and forecourts for your motoring needs, you could be entitled to massive compensation as your car may have been mis-sold to you.


This comes from a new updated guideline from the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), saying that all dealers must, by law, disclose the full history of the vehicle to the customer before the sale, including whether it was previously used as a part of a fleet or a lease or hire car.

used cars sitting on dealers forecourt ready to be bought


The cars that are most at risk of being mis-sold by dealers are those that are between 6 months and 2 years old at the date of purchase, and will often have been a hire or lease car, or part of a business or a fleet. Because of this, dealers will disclose that they have only one previous owner, and not disclose the actual car’s usage that is usually far more than what they state.


Because of this, campaigners such as usedcarscandal.co.uk are seeking to gain up to 100% compensation for the unlawful sale of these cars to unknowing consumers. This came after a high profile case earlier this year when a driver purchased a former hire car advertised on Alfa Romeo’s website, sold by one of it’s ‘approved dealers’, and a further advertisement was investigated.


Despite Alfa taking steps to introduce full disclosure of the car’s history on an advertisement, this issue is still rife. If you have a secondhand car you may want to check its history, even if it was bought from an approved dealer. The Used Car Scandal campaign’s website gives you guidelines of how you can submit your claim, you can get in touch with your original dealer to go through them or you can contact the DVLA who will be able to look into your car’s full history, and disclose this to you.


To prevent yourself from being stung in the future, you must always fully check every car that you are looking to buy, regardless of their age. This includes insisting that you receive your V5C logbook, original not photocopy, and a full valid MOT test document. You can also check the seller’s advertised mileage, MOT Test number, make and model against the car’s reg on the DVLA vehicle information centre, so you can be sure that the seller is telling you the truth about the car that you’re buying.


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