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Published by Fresh on July 13, 2017
Road Trip To The Festival: Your Festival Survival Kit
We are into the festival season now!

There will be thousands of you jumping into your cars and heading for a day or weekend listening to your favourite bands and artists in fields across the country. We have had Download Festival and Glastonbury, but we have Leeds, Reading and many more still to come.
If you are driving by car, don’t forget all the things you require in your survival kit and all the things you really don’t need.

What you need in your car

To every festival, there are two parts. The journey to the festival and the festival itself. This requires two survival kits. This especially important if you are travelling hundreds of miles to your festival of choice.

Jack Kerouac once wrote: “All he needed was a wheel in his hand and four on the road.” Unfortunately, that isn’t all that is required for a festival road trip. You may need a few of these extra suggestions.
  1. Sat-Nav and a map. Both of these are essential. You can have a solo sat-nav or you can use your mobile phone, but if you lose signal, you will be in trouble. This is where the map comes in handy and hopefully, you will have someone in the car with you who can read a map (I cannot).
  2. Car phone chargers! If you are going to use your phone for a sat-nav or a variety of other functions, the battery will drain quickly. This is why you need a phone charger in your car that charges whilst you drive. This will make it much easier to keep your phone alive when you really need it.
  3. A Cooler Box. This is great for those roasting summer days when you are travelling across the country to your festival. It keeps your food cold and your beers cool. You may even be able to take it into the festival camp with you, depending on the rules of your chosen festival.
  4. Toilet paper is a must. There are times on certain roads when you need to go and there is nowhere else around for you to go except in mother nature. Toilet paper is your best friend in those situations so be prepared.
  5. Something awesome to listen to on the journey. If you are driving to the festival, why not blast out your favourite songs you are hoping to hear that weekend. If you want to save the music for when you arrive at the festival, why not have an audiobook or podcast on hand ready to go.
There are other things you may like, but these are the essentials.

Festival survival kit
These are the things you need and the items you don’t need when you arrive at the festival. Make sure you have the essentials and dump the non-essentials in your car.

  1. Lots of clean clothes for every weather type, but mostly shorts. This covers the weather changes that can occur and the risk of muddy accidents.
  2. Lots of water
  3. Baby wipes to clean yourself daily. When we say baby wipes, we mean LOTS of baby wipes per person.
  4. Comfortable shoes because let's be honest, you will likely be on your feet for most of the weekend.
  5. Cash! £50 will not be enough for the weekend. Trust me, I made that mistake at my first festival and spent much more than £50.
  6. Sunscreen because you don’t want to be jumping around with burnt skin. The eventual body contact will be tear-inducing.
  7. Poncho for when it rains. It is Britain after all so it will rain.
  8. Camera for the memories.
  9. Wellies for the swamp you may have to trudge through.
  10. Sunglasses for when the sun is bearing down.
  11. Sleeping bag.
  12. Tickets
  13. ID
  14. Torch for when you are meandering through the camp at night.
  15. Paracetamol for those hangovers in the morning ready for round 2,3,4,5…
  16. Tent

Essentials for the ladies
Ladies, you will likely have bigger bags than the guys. Here are some of the things you may need to take.
  1. Two dresses
  2. Two pairs of shorts
  3. Three tank tops
  4. Two bras
  5. Four pairs of underwear
  6. A hat
  7. A hoodie
  8. A bandana
  9. Dry shampoo
  10. Hand sanitizer
  11. Towel

The things you do not need or will never use!
There are items you may believe you require when you go to a festival. Here is a list of those items that just aren’t necessary and will sit in the corners of your tent unused.
  1. Flip-flops
  2. iPods
  3. Camping stoves
  4. Fireworks
  5. Musical instruments (it is a music festival so why would you play your own?)

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