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Published by Fresh on May 11, 2017
The DVSA could soon publish Driving Instructor Rankings

It’s a difficult process learning to drive, and it’s made even worse by having a bad driving instructor. According to a report released by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Association (DVSA), only 30% of the 40,000 driving instructors in the UK achieve the highest standard, and 69% only score ‘merely satisfactory (we don’t talk about the other 1%). That means that nearly ⅔ of all driving instructors in the UK are only delivering ‘satisfactory’ teaching to UK driving students, and while only 3% voluntarily inform their students of their scores, the clear majority do not.



Last year, the amount of driving tests that ended in a pass was 48.6%, which is 0.4% down on the previous year’s stats. Apparently, the DVSA is laying the blame partly on the shoulders of poor quality driving instructors and now it is planning to release the scores of all available driving instructors to help students avoid the poor quality instructors in their area. This is also in an aid of potentially driving up the pass percentages across the country and encouraging instructors to improve their standards when it comes to their regular testing.

Changing your driving instructor can be an awkward process. It takes a couple of lessons to get into the swing of things when you’re learning anything and by that time you’ve already spent a decent thwack of money. If you’re not happy with your instructor, actually taking the leap to change your instructor can be hard; not wanting to start from square one with someone new, or wasting your money on your old instructor are some of the key worries.

But right now, a lot of potential driving students are going in blind, and that’s why the chief executive of the DVSA Gareth Llewellyn is considering publishing the scores, if the drivers won’t on their own: “We are encouraging driving instructors to publish their rating. If they don’t do that, then at some point we will compel them to do that. We will put out information into the public domain so that parents can choose a good driving instructor.”

Are you in support of this process? Have you had any problems with driving instructors, and do you wish you had changed sooner than you did? Let us know!
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