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Published by Fresh on December 30, 2016
Plans for Learner Driver Motorway Lessons Revealed

Transport Minister Andy Jones has set out plans for Learner Drivers to be allowed on Motorways in cars fitted in dual controls before they take their test.

As it currently stands, newly qualified drivers can opt to take further ‘Pass Plus’ lessons that include sections on Motorways, but there are no mandatory training schemes for 70mph roads and nothing is currently offered to provisional, learner drivers.


The lessons are still mandatory as laid out in the scheme, and approved instructors will only be able to take learners down the slip-roads when they deem that they are ‘competent’ enough.

This proposal comes with the assertion that motorways are consistently daunting to drivers that have recently passed their test and that despite passing their formal test, many drivers don’t feel that they are adequately prepared for motorway driving and that they put themselves and other drivers at risk.


Neil Grieg, policy Director at the IAM RoadSmart charity welcome the proposal greatly, calling it a ‘sensible and measured solution’ to ensuring that newly qualified drivers feel confident and have the skills necessary to be safe drivers on the UK motorways, adding; “It makes no sense that new drivers learn by trial and, often fatal, error how to use our fastest and most important roads.”

Andy Jones ensures that UK motorways are the safest roads in the country but this scheme sets out to only improve that safety, saying; “These changes will equip learners with a wider range of experience and greater skill set which will improve safety levels on our roads.” but there has already been backlash on social media both in support, and opposition to the idea;

With this scheme due to be discussed in February 2017, what do you think about the proposal? Is it something you would have wanted as a learner driver, and do you think it should be mandatory, or would it cause more harm than it’s looking to solve? Let us know!



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