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Published by Fresh on December 23, 2016
Keep Christmas Fun
It’s no secret - a little tipple and Christmas go hand-in-hand like bacon wrapped around a sausage. But, at this time of year there is also a lot of travelling involved and as we know, drinking and driving go hand-in-hand about as well as a hangover and drinking a glass of old vodka, thinking its water. We’re not here to scare anyone with any horrible statistics, or scare any of you into driving extra-careful this Christmas, because we know our Autosainters, you guys are with us because you’re good drivers and you know how to keep yourselves safe - but we just want to make sure you do, because we know how the yuletide spirit can get a hold of us.

In a recent public survey of 1000 drivers from Brake, the road safety charity, it was found that 23% of those surveyed in the 17-24 demographic admit to have driven after drinking - with 3% of those knowingly being over the legal limit. While this not sound like much, especially compared to the older age brackets where 43% of drivers aged 25-34 admitted to drinking after driving, but as the generation that have grown up with extensive campaigns from preventing any laid back attitudes to drink driving - we expected much lower.

It’s very tempting to drive when you feel like you’re perfectly in control. The bottom line is, you know when you’re drunk and if you make that decision to drive home from the pub on Christmas Eve, swing round to pick your cousins up on Christmas Day or drop your mates off on New Year’s - you know how badly that can end for you. From the very same Brake Charity survey, 43% if drivers felt a clear worsening of their driving on or below the legal drink driving limit. You may feel that you’re completely okay to drive after that swift bottle before Christmas lunch, but the bottom line is that risking any amount of alcohol is still a risk, and there’s no guarantee that any level of alcohol is going to leave you under the legal limit - everyone is different, and we all process alcohol differently.

Our final point, and we know we’re going to sound like the fun police at this point, but if you’ve gone large the night before; just because you’ve had a good sleep, two glasses of water and a berocca the next morning does NOT mean you’re under the limit and you’re okay to drive. As we all know, alcohol has a profound affect on your body and those effects can last for a decent amount of time, depending on the strength and amount that you’ve drunk - this calculator from the charity ‘The Morning After’ can help you decipher how long you’ll need to let everything work its way out.

As we said, it’s Christmas for pete’s sake. You’re going to drink and have a good time, we want to make sure that all of our Autosainter’s Christmases are the best they could be, so don’t ruin it by being a muppet - no amount of alchohol behind the wheel is worth risking. Stay safe, stay smart and make sure to keep Christmas fun.
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