How will the new strict speeding fines affect you?

April 24, 2017
category: Road Safety
There has been a lot of speculation and confusion about the new speeding fines and laws that have come into effect today. Claims of higher fines, and higher consequences can be daunting for young drivers, and a lot of what has been put out formally isn't the easiest to understand, so we're breaking it down for you here, so it's clear how you might be affected.

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Your footwear choice could be putting your driving at risk

March 23, 2017
category: Road Safety
Of all the things that are bandied about these days to do with driving law and driving standards, you’d never think that they’d come after your shoes. Your driving instructor will always check on what shoes you’re wearing to drive, and you might not believe them at the time, but it makes a huge difference.

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Changes to the UK driving test - what and why?

March 22, 2017
category: Driving Tests
It’s needless to say that changes to the UK driving test aren’t exactly taken lightly. THe last time that any amendments were made was in 2010, when the very positively received ‘independent driving’ section was introduced to distinguish between ‘learning to drive to pass the test’ and ‘learning to drive in the real world’.

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